Sourwood tree

Asked June 18, 2018, 8:10 PM EDT

We have a very young one. Went in ground last summer. Foliage came out orange-gold. Still same color. We remember our Sourwood in Bellingham, WA as being green in summer, then fall color plus blooms. Should we be concerned or not? Any thoughts? See pic.

Benton County Oregon

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Sorry to hear about your failing new tree. Unfortunately, the image did not come through.

Please send several images: the tree and its surroundings; the tree, alone; and a close view of an affected branch. Ask an Expert allows only 3 images with a reply. If you have more, attach them to an additional reply.

Whenever a tree begins to fail so rapidly, the issues often related to the planting method and follow-up care. So, please describe the size hole it went into and how it was prepared for the tree. Then, too, describe what has been done since the tree was planted as to fertilizer; pruning; and water (how much; how often; and where applied). Watering the surrounding lawn is not enough.

I look forward to receiving your images.