Ash Tree

Asked June 18, 2018, 7:17 PM EDT

We live in Abingdon, near Festival Shopping Center, and have two ash trees that are dying. Has this area been impacted by the emerald ash borer? We have many dead branches all over. Last year it began with the leaves wilting and looking sickly. This year many of the leaves did not return, as the branches have died. Thank you, Carolyn

Harford County Maryland

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Damage to ash trees from emerald ash borer has been extensive in Maryland, with the exception of a few places on the Eastern Shore. If your ash trees have not leafed out this year and most of the canopy appears to be dead, then the best thing to do would be to have the trees removed. Ash trees become very brittle, quickly, when they are dead and they can become a hazard. In ash trees that have only about 30% canopy dieback, there are options to treat the trees with a systemic insecticide. In the trees that you describe, it sounds like it is too late to apply a treatment. There is good information on our website about emerald ash borer and treatment options.

Also, see the Homeowner's Guide to Emerald Ash Borer: