Leaf dropping

Asked June 18, 2018, 5:58 PM EDT

my 100+ year old mulberry tree has in the last week been dropping leaves like crazy. My front yard looked more like mid Sept than mid Jun. I literally raked up a full large plastic bag of leaves this morning. The rate of dropping has slowed but it has far from stopped. Should i be very worried. This tree covers my entire front yard.

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Mulberry trees can be susceptible to fungal leaf spots, especially in very rainy seasons which certainly we have had this spring. The Cercosporella fungus, in particular, can cause some defoliation in older mulberry trees. Valuable trees can be treated with a copper fungicide in future years as a preventative in the spring if the leaf spots are serious. It may just be that this is a particularly tough year with all the rain we have had and now the very hot weather. Weather extremes can be stressful even to mature trees. Continue to monitor the tree. If the leaf drop has slowed down, that is a good sign. We wouldn't be too worried about it just yet.