My Korean spice viburnum is dying

Asked June 18, 2018, 12:38 PM EDT

Something's going on with my Korean spice viburnum about 5 days ago it started dying quickly and it has it looks like around the root it looks like his where it's dying and the bark is peeling off and it's super super wet I don't know if it just is getting molded out.


1 Response

It looks like there is a significant injury at the base of the trunk, and fungal growth suggests the trunk may have been in decline for awhile. Chewing damage from voles or damage from Viburnum crown borer are two possible causes for the damage. Check the damaged trunk to see if there are any borer holes. Regardless of the cause, there isn't anything that can be done to repair the damage. Do any of the remaining branches still have good healthy growth? If so, you can prune out the dead branches and see if new growth develops from any remaining healthy branches. Also, keep mulch away from the base of shrubs and trees. Too much mulch can hold moisture next to the bark, inviting the opportunity for disease and pest problems. Mulch should be no more than 3 inches deep and kept a few inches away from the trunk.