Bigleaf maple samsaras

Asked June 18, 2018, 11:44 AM EDT

The city is cutting down our bigleaf maple to put in a curbcut. We will have lots of potential mulch, but I’d like to separate the wood from the leaves. The tree is full of green helicopter seeds. If I put the leaves and seeds my compost pile, will the green maple seeds sprout?

Multnomah County Oregon composting horticulture

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Thank you for your question. Seeds need heat and moisture to germinate (sprout), and both will be available in a (well managed) compost pile. Once the seeds germinate, though, they need sunlight to form leaves to photosynthesize. If your compost is covered, there should not be enough light for them to get too large, and they will die. Once they’ve germinated, they’re larger, and can be removed. Hope this is helpful.


Thanks for speedy reply. I will definitely put the leaves and samsaras in my compost.