Fencing/Pole Barn

Asked June 18, 2018, 11:40 AM EDT

We have a 45 acre farm on Harry Wise Road and we need help fencing and building a pole barn. How do we go about applying for a Grant for this? We had someone tell us to check with Tom Yankey and he would lead us in the right direction on how to get started. We would like to raise cattle and turn our farm into a working farm, but we need help doing this. Could you please send us in the direction we need to go.

Anderson County Kentucky

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There are no grants for what you are wanting. We will be taking applications probably from July 1st to about the middle of July for CAIP applications (County Agricultural Improvement Program) which is funded by the Master Settlement Agreement from where the State Attorney Generals sued the tobacco companies over smoking related illness. Ky is the only state in the nation to give half of the money back to agriculture. Watch the Anderson News. The above date is not set in stone yet as we have not signed the legal agreement yet with the Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy. They are mailing it to us but we cannot advertise in the paper until after the legal agreement is signed. We must run the notice in the paper for three weeks. You may sign up for a matching cost share grant anytime during that three week window. The current maximum any farmer in the state can get is $5,000 per year and if approved you are only eligible every other year. You would have to spend $5,000 to get $5,000. We only have enough funds to help about 21-22 farmers. The program was put in place to help tobacco farmers transition away from tobacco. If you currently raise tobacco or had a history raising tobacco you will score higher. The state develops the questions and the points value assigned to each question. Only the highest scores will be funded. The program can pay for fencing or a new barn if you are approved. You may want to enroll at the Natural Resources and Conservation Service and at the Farm Service Agency. NRCS is located besides the drive up at Kroger and the FSA Office is located in Versailles.You must have a Farm Serial Number before you can qualify for any federal or state program. You get that from the FSA Office. Please call our office at 502-839-7271 for more questions.