Cause of dead limbs and bark damage on maple tree

Asked June 18, 2018, 11:10 AM EDT

What is the cause of dead limbs and bark damage on the maple tree shown in the attached photos? The tree is over 20 years old and this is the first time that this problem has occurred. Can this condition be treated or does the tree need to be removed? Thank you, Chet Moutrie

Washington County Minnesota

1 Response

Dead limbs are not unusual. I have my maples pruned by certified arborists every other year to remove dead wood and crossing branches. The bark is strange. I wonder if you have had squirrels stripping bark. That is possible. A tree that large is a valuable addition to your property so I would have a certified arborist make an on-site visit to evaluate it. You can find one by visiting this web site and clicking on Find An Arborist. You can put in your zip code to narrow the names.