Tomato Plant Problems

Asked June 18, 2018, 10:03 AM EDT

My tomato plants were healthy and beautiful on Saturday. On Sunday morning we noticed yellow leaves. Today there are more yellow leaves, and now they are starting to die. Can you please help? The affected varieties are the Sweet 100s, but one of the Husky Cherry Reds is starting to show damage. They are planted in Miracle Gro Moisture Control potting soil.

Baltimore Maryland

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Your plants are in containers. You do not want to squeeze large plants in small containers as it affects growth and the root systems. A full size tomato requires 4-5 gallons and a dwarf 1-3 gallons. The pots are on bricks that will make them hot and dry and will require more watering. If they are in full sun you may want to move the containers to some afternoon shade. Tomatoes are long season plants and may need to be lightly fertilized every two weeks. If the plants are in small containers, you may be able to transplant to a larger container. If need be, it is not too late to replant.

Second photos looks environmental. Pick off yellow foliage.
Right photo - some leaf spot. We cannot see the whole photo.
Here is our publication on container gardening and our vegetable profile on tomatoes and common problems such as leaf spots.