What plant is this?

Asked June 17, 2018, 8:51 PM EDT

I recently broke out in a rash from poison ivy. I've been trying to determine the source. I don't believe the attached photo is it, since it has leaves of 2 paired up along the vine before the 3 suspicious leaves at the end. However, I'd love to know what type of plant this little weed is. Any idea? Thank you very much

Carroll County Maryland plant identification native poison ivy identification bush honeysuckle shrub

3 Responses

This is not poison ivy.

It may be bush honeysuckle, a foreign invasive shrub, which should be killed. However, we can't be sure from the photos. In the second photo the leaves seem to be coming from a woody stalk, like a shrub. But the first photo, looks like a seedling. Have you been fighting this for a while, pulling or cutting it back? It looks like it is under an evergreen.

It you want a positive id, we'd need to see more photos. The entire plant, and the placement of it, would be helpful. If it flowers, send us a photo of those, too.


Thank you so much for that information. I did not pull the plants out yet. You are correct in that it is growing under my shrubs. I will wait another week and see if it forms any flowers and to let the leaves mature some to send more pics and maybe get a more positive ID. Thank you again!