tiny ant-like critters

Asked June 17, 2018, 8:03 PM EDT

We are inundated with tiny flying bugs. The body looks like an ant but smaller, with wings that start near the end and that lay toward the back. They seem to come in under the door in numbers that cover the floor like a rug! They do fly. HELP!!

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

These look like termites. They can cause damage to wooden structures, foundations, etc., but don't panic. To cause structural damage, termites must work in a home for quite a while. Please take time to read through our information about termites and what you can do:



We recommend working with a professional pest control company to inspect around your home and determine if treatment is needed. Get estimates from at least three pest control companies. You can find credentialed pest inspectors listed on the following website. http://mdpma.podi.com/information-central/wdi-o-inspector-quality-assurance-program/wdi-o-credential...