Aloe Vera leaves keep breaking

Asked June 17, 2018, 3:33 PM EDT

As you can read from the title my Aloe vera leaves keep breaking.
I just got it today and planted it as I noticed that a few leaves started to fall to the sides. I thought they were just heavy but then I noticed that they were breaking.

My dad suggested to tape them together so they don't completely break in half so now my question is: is it okay to tape them together and will they grow together or should I just cut the leaves off?
Thank you in advance for your help


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Good morning and thank you for using Ask an Expert. I think it best to cut the broken leaves off, but don’t throw away the leaves.

If the freshly cut piece comes in contact with damp soil, it will rot. Michigan State University Extension recommends letting the cuttings sit for a few days or longer for big pieces. After a period of time, the damp, broken area forms a tough skin or callus over the tissue. The callused plant part can be placed in slightly damp soil. Embed the piece very shallowly. If it is placed too deeply, it will not grow. It may be necessary to support the small plant by having it lean on a craft stick or tongue depressor or against the side of the container. It often takes many months for succulents to form roots. Do not place small plants on a cold window sill or close to a cold window because it will take even longer to grow roots. If a full grown leaf or branch is broken off a succulent like Haworthia or Euphorbia after callusing, it could grow roots. However, if the leaf is broken off Aloe vera, it will not. I hope this information is helpful to you.