Tree Frog protection

Asked June 17, 2018, 2:05 PM EDT

Hello. Okay, this may be weird but we have a few tree frogs & want to protect them. There are cats in the area as well as predatory birds. We don’t use chemicals to get rid of mosquitos so we do see an increase of frogs & toads. I reached out to the DNR & they preferred to chastise me about the cats. I did find an article about PVC housing but it was the Univ. of Fl IFAS Extension. ( Would these instructions work here or can you direct me to someone who can help me? The photo shows one of them hiding in my wind chimes & hanging on the stand. Thank you for your help.

Talbot County Maryland

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We don't have any special research on tree frogs. Tree frogs will find places that they like--the side of houses, etc.. Provide a water source. Try to replicate their natural habitat and avoid using pesticides AND herbicides that harm aquatics. Roundup, or herbicides containing glyphosate, in particular are deadly to aquatics unless specially formulated for use near water.

If you want to try the PVC tree house, place them above the ground so the bottom is open as well as the top so that birds can get out the bottom, do not become trapped inside and die.