Pepper plant droopy

Asked June 17, 2018, 1:05 PM EDT

Its only one bell pepper plant just seems unhappy with drooping leaves. Other bell pepper in same bed doing ffine. The plant has not dropped leaves and even setting fruit. Whats up with that?

Montgomery County Maryland vegetables peppers droopy plant

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This could be from too much or too little water, but it also could be an indicator that there is a problem with the roots or damage to the stems (preventing uptake of water). Peppers like a well drained soil.
Keep the plants well watered when it's very hot and dry. If you do not see them recover, pull up a symptomatic plant and check the roots. See if there are any signs of chewing (i.e., from voles) or other root damage/rot. If need be, it is not too plant to replant.
Remove the blossoms from the plants for 2-4 weeks after transplanting to establish a good root system. See our video on pepper pinching.