growing sweet cherries in Maryland

Asked June 17, 2018, 12:59 PM EDT

Hello, I have a nice sunny sloping back yard, and I'd like to grow some sweet cherries there. Are there recommended varieties for this area, and what else should I read or study to get this right? I understand that I should grow perhaps three different varieties in order to get good pollination. Can you recommend varieties? I live in Montgomery County, in the Wheaton area. Thank you! -

Montgomery County Maryland

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Most sweet cherries are generally self-unfruitful and require pollen from another variety within 100 feet to produce a good crop. There are some that are self-fruitful. Take a look at our website on variety selection. Sour cherry has less issues with disease than sweet cherries.

In general, Tree fruits are subject to many problems (insects, diseases, weather extremes, wildlife) which can frustrate the novice grower and seasoned gardener alike. You will have to familiarize yourself with common problems - diseases and/or insects and you will eventually require a spray schedule for control. See our website and spray schedule from Va Tech
Fig, Asian pear and Japanese persimmon are the tree fruits with the fewest pest problems.
If you intend to grow organically, start out with small fruits such as blueberry and blackberry.