Over spray

Asked June 17, 2018, 10:39 AM EDT

I think my plants have suffered some over spray from possibly weed killer and fertilizer applied by our lawn service. Is there anything I can do to help them survive? Not all my plants were affected and some of the other townhome owners had a little damage. Any thoughts? Thanks, Terri Wittrock

Sherburne County Minnesota herbicide damage horticulture

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I am not convinced, based on the photos you've sent, that this is herbicide drift. You could be seeing other factors at work, such as drought. Many plants suffered greatly from the heat wave we had in May.

If it is herbicide drift, there is nothing you can do except wait, keeping the plants well watered. You may have to replace the plants. If you do, your HOA should reimburse you for the cost of the replacements (and they, in turn, should get reimbursed from their lawn care service).

It is not surprising that neighbors did not experience problems. Herbicide drift damage depends on a number of factors, including wind and temperature. Read here for information about herbicide drift, including how to diagnose it: