Rabbits eating our cosmos and coreopsis

Asked June 17, 2018, 7:28 AM EDT

Hello, We’ve just planted a new flower garden to take advantage of some newly acquired sunlight as a result of recent tree removal. Everything is doing fine except our cosmos and coreopsis which are being eaten daily (now down to their stumps) by rabbits. I assume it’s rabbits since our yard is fenced and deer cannot get in. We also have a dog who loves to meander the garden. Is there anything we can use to deter the rabbits but that is also safe for the dog who tastes everything in sight? Thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland wildlife rabbits

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There are no easy answers when it comes to wildlife. Rabbits are not picky about the flowers that they eat. You may have to consider fencing and /or repellents. A simple 2 foot chicken wire fence will work. However, the bottom of the fence must be secured to the ground or buried a few inches in the ground. See our website http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/rabbits

There are commercial repellents on the market but they will have to be reapplied
and they wear away in the elements. You will have to read the label directions regarding dogs. Take a look at the link from Penn State on rabbit resistant flowers https://extension.psu.edu/programs/master-gardener/counties/pike/publications/list-of-rabbit-resista...