Setting up freezer jam

Asked June 17, 2018, 7:16 AM EDT

How do you know if the jam is set up. This is the first time I have made the jam.

Sussex County Delaware

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Hello and thanks for your question. I'm not sure what recipe you used but after the jelly sits undisturbed for 24 hours it should be a firm consistency. Be sure to then refrigerate or freeze the jam to keep it safe. Below is a recipe that may be helpful. This website has lots of resources, recipes and troubleshooting information that you might find useful. Hope this helps!

Kathleen Splane-Extension Educator

Uncooked Berry Jam
with powdered pectin

  • 2 cups crushed strawberries or blackberries (about 1 quart berries)

  • 4 cups sugar
  • 1 package powdered pectin
  • 1 cup water

Yield: About 5 or 6 half-pint jars

Please read Using Boiling Water Canners before beginning. If this is your first time canning, it is recommended that you read Principles of Home Canning.

Procedure: Sterilize canning jars and prepare two-piece canning lids according to manufacturer's directions.

To prepare fruit. Sort and wash fully ripe berries. Drain. Remove caps and stem; crush berries.

To make jam. Place prepared berries in a large mixing bowl. Add sugar, mix well, and let stand for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Dissolve pectin in water and boil for 1 minute. Add pectin solution to berry-and-sugar mixture; stir for 2 minutes.

Pour jam into freezer containers or canning jars, leaving ½ inch headspace at the top. Close covers on containers and let stand at room temperature for 24 hours.

To store. Store uncooked jams in refrigerator or freezer. They can be held up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator or up to a year in a freezer. Once a container is opened, jam should be stored in the refrigerator and used within a few days. If kept at room temperature they will mold or ferment in a short time.