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Asked June 16, 2018, 10:01 PM EDT

I'm not sure if you can answer questions about nests/eggs or if you can suggest somewhere to inquire. I was filling my bird feeders and found that something has built a nest inside one of them. Can't imagine what bird would be small enough to get through the narrow slit in the bottom of the feeder, but the nest is a cup type from what I can see through the fill hole in the top. It is made of what looks like tiny twigs. I think it may be something like what I find under pine trees, but it's not really like what I would think are pine needles. I think there were about 5 tiny light colored eggs in there. It's so hard to try to shine a flashlight in and look through the fill hole at the same time. I'm curious what they might be and how long they might be there. Also, I'm wondering if I should move some of the other feeders away. I had been really bad and not filled them in several months, but now that I filled them, don't want to make it troublesome for the nester. I've attached a photo of a similar nest found in a decorative house from last year that I just happened to have not cleaned out or put back out this year yet. It's too dark to take a photo of the house and nest now. We are out in East Bethel on Coon Lake.

Anoka County Minnesota

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The nest was probably built by a house wren. These tiny birds can enter a hole as small as a quarter.

According to the following Audubon account, the eggs hatch in 12-14 days and the young leave the nest 12-18 days after that.

It isn't necessary to move the other feeders.