Identification Request: Unknown Interior Bug

Asked June 16, 2018, 8:49 PM EDT

For the last two to three months, we have been bitten at night by what we assume is a bug of some kind. As far as we can tell, the bites only occur at night, and only in our bedroom. They do not occur every night and vary in number. Some nnightsonly my wife or I get bit, but many nights it is both of us. The bites occur mostly on our hands, arms and torsos. They are significantly itchier than a mosquito bite and tend to swell significantly. The initial bite area is surrounded by a red welt 1-2 inches in diameter. We have had a pest control company come out to the house and the only thing they can tell us is that they are certain we do not have bed bugs. We have not actually seen the bugs, but have put down a number of glue traps. Attached are images of what we have caught. We have used chia and sesame seeds to demonstrate scale. We would appreciate any ideas or suggestions you may have. Of final note, we have a four month old and are trying to be conservative with past control options to protect her.

Howard County Maryland insect or spider id

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These are Springtails. They are harmless insects and do not bite people. They are attracted to moist, humid environments around the home.

One possible cause of the skin irritation you describe might be carpet beetles. The larvae of varied carpet beetles are bristly and can cause a skin reaction in some people. Take a look at our information on carpet beetles and look to see if you find any of these around your furniture. If you see any signs of them, do a thorough vacuuming of carpeting, along baseboards, under furniture, and in closets. Make sure to properly clean any wool clothing before storage.