I think I have termites, how should I remedy this?

Asked June 15, 2018, 3:50 PM EDT

I live in Mirimar Landing in Middle River and have a vegetable garden along the side of my home. I would like to perform some sort of treatment for my termites but I'm afraid that I will pollute the soil where I grow my vegetables. I received a quote from Terminex for a two year treatment plan for $1200. I was wondering if you are aware of the pesticides that they use and if they are safe for vegetable gardens. I was reviewing some of the DIY treatments and I think I can accomplish treatment using the products online. Would you please provide some guidance on how to do this myself or if you think I should go ahead with the Terminex treatment.

Baltimore County Maryland

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We recommend that you work with a professional pest control company. The DIY treatments do not work effectively for termite control. Get estimates from at least three different companies and ask them to let you know what products they use and the active ingredient included. You can ask them to show you the product label, which will have information on use and specific precautions. They should be able to tell you how far away to keep your vegetable garden, based on the active ingredient in the treatment product. Two of the common chemicals used for termite control, Termidor and Altriset, do not move far in the soil.

You can find credentialed pest control professionals using this list.

There is additional information about termite detection and control on our website.https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/termites