Marijauna and effect on health of an 89 yr old man

Asked June 15, 2018, 11:02 AM EDT

I am 89, take Coumadin for Afib, heart medicines and thyorid medicine as well as medicine for enlarged prostate to name a few. Is their any form of Marijuana that would not interfere with any of the above. Oils maybe, or in food items maybe?. Especially my PT Scoring?. I can't imagine smoking it would be very good for a man with heart problems, high blood pressure and the rest. But I am in such pain after 30 to 40 years of lower back problems, even after many shots a double fusion operation, with third degree flat feet, DVT in my legs and finally being resigned to using an electric cart to go shopping or out to my mail box 90 feet away. I am willing to try anything my doctor might allow..which by the none of which helps.... I don't want to be the "author of my own demise" so I am very compliant when it comes to meds ..... a testament to that is the fact I am still here after my first heart attack in 1981 and a couple of mini-strokes!!! I have not asked my Primary nor my Heart doctors as yet but wanted to talk to them armed with some knowledge.....Thank you! ( I am 89 with a 25 year old mind. I want to do "everything" but my body says no way????)

Queen Anne's County Maryland

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Reading your question, I sense your significant frustration and pain. Unfortunately, because extension receives federal dollars and at this point, based on federal law, Marijuana is illegal so we are not able to address this at this point.
There are various organizations that could be of help to you. Because of the multiple health issues you listed, my suggestion is to utilize an organization that incorporates professional medical personnel (physicians, dietitians, etc). One that I am aware of that does have physicians, et al, is in Boulder, Colorado is called Holistic Cannabis. As I said I cannot address anything in this realm nor am I recommending but rather giving you a starting point if you wish