Jack and the tomato stalk

Asked June 14, 2018, 11:15 PM EDT

Hi..I do a little gardening here in Michigan,mostly tomatoes.The problem that I am having is trying to find a commercial tomato cage that stands at least 15 Ft. high that will hold up to the elements.My plants outgrow their present cages (12 Ft.) in just 6 weeks after planting,then start to break off limbs after going over the top,with at least 6 weeks of the season left. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kent County Michigan

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Indeterminate tomatoes can get a little unwieldy. Although the availability of a taller cage may be questionable there may be some other options. Consider string trellising. Another alternative is to use cattle (live stock panels 4ft x 16ft) Take two panels and bent them in half and attach them together to get a 2ft x 2ft x 16 ft tomato cage. Also, give a thought to horizontal trellising.

I hope this is helpful.