Rose problem

Asked June 14, 2018, 5:38 PM EDT

I have two roses next yo each other, both get same water, fertilizer, anti-fungal and disease spray. However one is healthy one isnt. I'm not sure why, see pics...

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Do you know the names of your roses? The damaged rose appears to be a rugosa. They have wrinkled leaves versus smooth leaves. Rugosa leaves are damaged by spray fertilizers and disease sprays. Never spray rugosa roses with anything but water. See: Also see:

Oh crumb! Will it come back or is it done? Also I use basic rose fertilizer on them do I need something special?

Thx Melissa

It will recover just stop using everything but water. If you use a fertilizer, use one that you work into the soil and is slow Osmoocte or similar for roses.