is something killing my 30' Holly Tree?

Asked June 14, 2018, 5:06 PM EDT

Hello, last month I heard 2 people in O.C. saying all the leaves fell off their Holly Trees. When I got home to Baltimore May 2nd, all the leaves started falling off mine. It was odd to be doing this shedding in May. I know it does it about 3x a year but not now. Here it is 6 weeks later and they're all not coming back robustly like they should. I'll bet it's almost half empty. (It looks like my Ash tree last year, which is dead this year due to the emerald ash borer which you told me about 2 months ago..) Thanks for all your work. I want to save this tree and feel bad for missing the Ash signs last year.

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1 Response

We can't say for certain what is affecting your tree. Look closely for insect or disease signs. If you find anything, send us photos (close-ups as well as distance photos.)

Has anything changed in the trees environment/culture? Was any It could be a trunk or root issue.

Is this a very old tree?

American hollies are rugged Maryland native trees. You may be able to prune it and have it regenerate. Again, send us photos.