Growing Cucumbers

Asked June 14, 2018, 3:27 PM EDT

I planted cucumbers early May and covered them with a floating row cover since I had bad cucumber beetle problems last year. The cucumber plants grew fast and eventually outgrew the floating row cover and then I noticed cucumber beetles. One of the cucumber plants is already wilting. I was told if I planted cucumber seeds after June 15, I would have an easier time with the cucumber beetles (which fly away). I have another raised bed that I could plant the seeds in. My question is, will the beetles from the May bed just "hang around" and eventually find the June bed? Or should I have not planted in May, waited for the cucumber beetles to go away, and then in June plant seeds. Is it worth it to try to grow some new cucumbers in June?

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

Unfortunately, yes, cucumber beetles will still be around this month. They have three generations per year, and they are one of the more damaging vegetable pests to manage. There is still time to put plant cucumbers in June. We recommend floating row covers to help protect your plants. Handpick and crush beetles, if possible. If populations are very high and you want to use pesticides, neem or spinosad would be options. In the future, look for the cucumber variety called 'County Fair,' which has resistance to the bacterial wilt disease that cucumber beetles spread. We know it's difficult and there are no perfect solutions. They are a tough pest!