Linden? tree defoliatioin

Asked June 14, 2018, 1:48 PM EDT

Hi! I'm a clueless plant person. We have what I think is a Linden tree. Last year we had severe defoliation happen, where leaves were skeletonized. This year I see some holes starting plus: - tough white stuff under some leaves - reddish eggs? sprouting on the top of some leaves, about 1-2mm high, usually with holes in the leaf nearby - white fuzz and debris on some leaves - I saw one green beetle-like insect on a leaf, maybe 3-5mm long Is this a Japanese beetle invasion plus some other bug? We love this tree, as it provides our deck with lovely shade. Help!

Washington County Minnesota

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Here is a link to leaf eaters.
The bumps on top of the leaves are galls. Galls are harmless and will fall with the leaves in the Fall. For more gall information check