Pear problem

Asked June 14, 2018, 1:03 PM EDT

I planted two pear trees in May. Now one has leaves looking like these pictures. Problem?

Benton County Oregon

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Yes, the spots on your pear tree leaves do indicate a problem. Most likely it is pear scab which is a fungal infection. Since your trees are just planted you probably do not have fruit on them this year. This fungus also impacts fruit quality, in severe cases it also attacks shoots. I am sending you a link that helps home fruit growers by providing general tips on growing fruits in the back yard and contains a list of suggested sprays and tells when you should apply them. Click on the square above the word pears on the right side of the screen to view suggested sprays and when and how often they should be applied. Here is the link There are some cultural controls that you can also do to lessen the impact of this disease on your trees. At the end of the season rake up and dispose of the leaves. Do not use them as mulch or put in your compost pile. You can also apply urea nitrogen to encourage rapid decomposition of the leaves or shred the leaves with a mower to enhance rapid decomposition. If there are twigs that are infected prune them out. Apply dolomitic lime after leaf drop to increase the soil pH, this helps reduce disease inoculum the following spring. Insure that irrigation does not wet the leaves of the trees, drip irrigation is best. Unfortunately, all European pears are susceptible to this disease, so your other tree may also begin showing symptoms.