baby pear tree dying

Asked June 14, 2018, 12:14 PM EDT

My pear tree is getting brown curled leaves and the top new shoots seem to have died. The tree is one or two years old. How do I find out if this is a disease. I would love to save it, or if I can't replace it with a new pear tree. I'd like to put it in the same spot, but not if the ground is infected.

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

The reddish/yellow leaf spot in your third photo is an indicator that there is rust disease present. The curling of the leaves suggests there might be trunk or root damage. Check around the base of the tree. Is there any injury to the trunk? Is the tree planted too deeply?

Pears and other fruit trees can be challenging to grow in Maryland because of our climate. We recommend that tree fruit growers follow the Virginia Tech Home Fruit Preventative Spray Schedule to manage the most common diseases and pests.

Other than the rust symptom, we don't think there are other disease symptoms present -- and rust would not persist in the soil.