Growing Honey crisp

Asked June 14, 2018, 8:17 AM EDT

I have been reading that Honey Crisp apples are very hard to grow well which I find surprising considering they were developed here in Minnesota. I have a tree which I planted three years ago. Last year it produced 3-4 large good tasting apples but I am wondering what care you recommend for this tree to help keep it healthy and producing fruit. I live in Milaca, and have a Fireside tree planted as a cross-pollinator. How often should I fertilize these trees, should I be supporting the Honey Crisp tree by tying it up to a post? Do you recommend the use of any chemical pesticides or fungicides on the Honey Crisp if it looks healthy? Thank you, Richard Cope

Mille Lacs County Minnesota

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Go here for a thorough discussion of growing apples at home in Minnesota. The information there applies to Honeycrisp as well as other apple varieties.

Staking is advisable for the productive life of dwarf apple trees and for others until they are established and well rooted.

It isn't necessary to apply pesticides to apple trees that are healthy and productive. However, most growers encounter pest problems that must be addressed. When that happens, select controls specific to the insect or disease that's present.