Something is boring into my Hood strawberries

Asked June 13, 2018, 11:03 PM EDT

Putting holes in my berries

Lincoln County Oregon strawberries horticulture

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Hi there,

After doing some research, the only pest I can determine that would make a hole like that would be slugs. Which is interesting because you have them in pots, and that should deter them but it looks like they have found a way. How much of the fruit on the plant is affected? If it's just a few here and there - you should be able to control them by just hand picking them off when you see them (at night if possible, when they are most active).

Keep an eye out to see if you notice any other damage or insects. Here is some information about slugs on strawberry plants, but again - I don't think that you need to take any major management techniques if you can just hand pick them.

I hope this helps,