cactus christmas

Asked June 13, 2018, 8:31 PM EDT

i thought christmas cactus were succulents (don't need much watering). mine had lge. flowers, got some sunlight. all of a sudden, they are dropping off in pieces, no blooms. this is happening from last fall thru' today. what's my problem...thank u.

Baltimore County Maryland

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It is normal for Christmas cactus to stop blooming in February-March. The plants go through a "rest" period. They should be watered sparingly in Feb-March. Water more regularly between April-June and you should see new green growth develop. Re-pot in the spring, into cactus soil that drains well. In July-August they want another "rest" period and you should reduce watering again. If you have the plant outside, keep it out of direct sun. Then in the fall (September), you should see flower buds begin to form again. Increase watering again. Once the plant produces flowers it should never lack water or be moved around too much, otherwise, the buds might drop. They can be a bit fussy! You can find more information about growing Christmas cactus here: