Is there a bacillus thuringiensis (bt) for chiggers?

Asked June 13, 2018, 8:01 PM EDT

Surely there is a bacillus thuringiensis bt insecticide for chiggers. (found in Mosquito Dunks and available as a liquid too) Otherwise, the only way to get rid of an infestation in the grass is to use a more broad insecticide that also kills lightening bugs and other beneficials. I've searched all over the webs and cannot find any mention of it. Are there any studies for it? Is there a similar bio -insecticide for chiggers?

Hanover County Virginia

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Sorry to say, there is no biological control for chiggers. Mowing tall grass and weeds as well as using avoiding those areas will help. Tucking pants into socks is what I do on the farm and when I do field work for research. I also use products with DEET on my lower sections of my pants because I have found they get through if I don't do that.