Is the chocolate vine and invasive species in Portland Oregona are?

Asked June 13, 2018, 5:44 PM EDT

I am in a HOA and serve as the architecture control committee chair. I read about all of the plants people intend to plant in their yards before I approve. I have a person who wants to plan a chocolate vine (Akebia Vine Plants) but have read that it is fast growing and can take over and act like an invasive species. So I am concerned. Is it an invasive species (we live next to the Jackson Bottoms Wetland preserve in Hillsboro Oregon) Before I approve planting of the vine I want to give her enough information to make an informed decision. Will she need to collect the seed pods so it does not spread ? Things like this are important. Thank you for your help. Cascinda Kollas

Washington County Oregon

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Akebia (chocolate vine) is not listed as invasive in Oregon. This map from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service shows the plant only east of Texas.
The Oregon State University Landscape Plants pages offer more information about it. and


Akebia quinata is not listed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture as a noxious weed in the state:

The Emerald Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon also has a more extensive list of what they regard as invasive weeds, but again, this species is not listed:

More information on the most common species (A. quinata) below: