43% Glyphosate herbicide

Asked June 13, 2018, 3:02 PM EDT

I am planning to use glyphosate herbicide to get rid of brush to prep for new landscaping in backyard of home. How long do I need to wait before replanting in areas that i've sprayed? Any other precautions I need to take? Thanks! Rick J

Denver County Colorado

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The first thing to do is read the label very, very carefully. Be sure to follow the directions exactly as they are on the label.

You want to consider if there are any trees or other plants nearby that could be damaged by over-spraying or the herbicide drifting on the wind.

I am unable to give you specific information bout the toxicity of glyphosate in the soil, but this information from the Michigan State Extension agency may help answer your question about how soon you can plant after application:

"One of the reasons people like to use Roundup and similar products is because of its low toxicity and it is not persistent in the soil. It is adsorbed onto soil particles and is a very low leaching risk. (Leaching is the movement of a material down through the soil profile.) It is broken down quickly by soil microbes with 10 to 60 percent being converted to carbon dioxide usually within the growing season."

"Since it has little activity in the soil, glyphosate has no pre-emergent activity. In other words, it won’t prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing."

I'm having trouble getting the link to the full article to work. You can find the full article at the Michigan State University Extension agency website and search for "glyphosate".