We need an alternative to the use of a Summer Wine Ninebark

Asked June 13, 2018, 2:20 PM EDT

The Summer Wine Ninebark is a "standard" for our Association used under a pair of bedroom crankout windows that are about 30 inches off the ground. The lawn service trims them twice a year but they grow so fast that 2-3 extra trimmings are required to clear the windows. Most area get 6 plus hours of direct sun but a few only a few minutes. The Summer wine seems to do well in all the areas. What kind of deciduous shrub could we use to replace them and still meet our standard? (deciduous & purple). How about the Little Red Devil Ninebark? How about a Cranberry Cotonester?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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In response to your questions,

Summer Wine is a great variety of Ninebark, but is definitely notorious for being fast growing. It sounds to me that you should look to find something with a maximum height of 3-4' instead of the 4-6' that Summer Wine is capable of growing.

'Little Devil' is a great variety that should fit the space better. Additionally, they would match the existing allowing you to slowly work on this project over time without affecting the aesthetic of the association. This variety grows fast, but should max out at 3-4'. However, if the association prefer a tight, neat look to the shrubbery, Ninebark may not be the best option as they tend to be more wild looking.