Chicken molting

Asked June 13, 2018, 10:09 AM EDT

Since the beginning of winter my chickens have been losing feathers. We've tried dusting with diatomaceous earth, oyster shell, oiled sunflower seeds, different feeds,cleaning the henhouse, using sawdust and straw. We are running out of options. Help?)r5

Lenawee County Michigan

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How old are the birds? Are you using artificial light to maintain egg production? Do you have roosters? How big of a chicken coop do you have? I need some more information to help you out. :)

No artificial light,no roosters. Our coop is 7'x4'. They run free outside most days. The fenced in run is 7'x12'. They were 1 year old at Easter.

The age of hens and not using artificial light is contributing to the feather loss. Th missing feathers on the front of the birds chest is normal wear from rubbing on the feeders and waterers. Over the shoulders feather loss could be a result of the molt. The hens should drop the feathers and grown new ones as day length decreases.