Curled vegetable plants

Asked June 13, 2018, 9:45 AM EDT

I first planted my veggie garden in May...I then replaced a few lost to rabbits. These were pretty big and from three different garden centers. They were also planted in two separate areas and after the initial "limp" after transplant they became curled balls. I can provide pictures if needed. These were planted prior to the heavy rains we had last weekend. Help.

Carver County Minnesota

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Yes, we need to see sharp photos of the affected plants in order to diagnose the problem. Thanks

I've tried repeatedly to send pics... It simply won't let me.

I tried again this morning to send photos, but it times out. Is there another place I can send photos?

The people who help resolve technical problems are currently unavailable. We will refer the problem you have described to them ASAP.

In the meantime, has the plants' appearance changed? Any signs of recovery or have they continued to decline? Have any died? Herbicide drift often causes the leaves of non-target plants that are not killed outright to curl or twist.

The two heirloom tomato plants appeared big and healthy and were purchased from Gerten's. They died and I pulled them today and replaced with some hybrids today. The pepper plants are looking still a bit curled but appear to be surviving (Pearson's Jordan). I've never planted such mature plants before, so am wondering if that has anything to do with whatever this is. We'll see how the replacements do.

Leaf curling can also be caused by virus diseases. Compare your plants to those shown here to see if that's a possibility.

Help is still needed to solve the photo posting problem.


Since I don't know what issues you are having with uploading photos, please email your photo(s) directly to me at and include the question #461957.