Copperhead snake found

Asked June 13, 2018, 9:07 AM EDT

I live in the Allenford neighborhood (Hobsons Choice Ln., to be exact) of Howard County, Yesterday, a nearby neighbor found a Copperhead snake in the front corner of her garage. It was without a doubt a Copperhead (see pic.). And, actually, it was her young son who spotted the snake and then got his mother. She's a brave soul; she actually removed the snake to the woods behind her home. Not too long ago, I recall at Lake Elkhorn (Coumbia - Howard Co.) that a Copperhead killed someone's pet Poodle. Is there anything we can or should do to prevent these creatures from either being so near and/or causing a problem? I also ask as a member of our neighborhood association.

Howard County Maryland

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This is a copperhead, a venomous snake. Here is some information from our snake expert. You can call animal control to have it removed or just leave it and it will go off on its own.
Please look at our snake publication for ways to discourage snakes from coming close to a house or building.
Exclusion from entry is the only effective recommendation.