bites or allergies??

Asked June 12, 2018, 9:42 PM EDT

myself and my dog have been experiencing mysterious itchy bumps recently. i experience new itchy spots both at day and night, upon putting on clothing, even freshly laundered hot wash/hot dry, sometimes after driving my car, sometimes touching nonfibrous objects (foam roller, floor mat, etc) or after petting my dog it seems. some bumps appear splotchy, irregularly shaped, with bite mark visible or pussing upon irritation. sometimes clustered, sometimes directly on a vein. some bites are small, regular shaped, no bite mark visible. hands, arms, legs most common spots. occasional itchy rashes. my dog also gets small bites/bumps, some oozing a crusty pus upon straching/biting, mostly on his legs, behind, underside. after sleeping, laying on the floor, riding in the car. i am suspecting some sort of allergen, mite or other? maybe multiple? i feel crawlies on parts of my skin i never find or see anything. have not completely ruled out bed bugs, but my dog does get spots more often than i do. cannot figure this out! thanks for your time.

Clackamas County Oregon

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It would be most helpful if you could send along some photos, yours in particular, that would help us in identification and recommendations for treatment.