Alianthus trees

Asked June 12, 2018, 8:11 PM EDT

I have seven 75-100 ft ailanthus trees growing near my house. I understand this tree is an invasive species and usually hard to get rid of, with weak wood. My main concern is my house... How long do these trees live and since they are rapidly growing, do they fall easily?

Thank you!!!

Montgomery County Maryland

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These trees are invasive and now are associated with a new invasive insect, spotted lanternfly, which threatens Maryland.

Here is a good link on Ailanthus and its control. Read carefully because how to control ailanthus is important because just cutting it down can actually increase its suckering new trees.

We cannot say how long the trees will live. This can depend on soil and site conditions, environment, pests, diseases, etc. Contact a certified arborist regarding whether the trees are immediate hazards. It is good to consider removal.