Celebration Maple Tree Care

Asked June 12, 2018, 6:12 PM EDT

I bought two Celebration Maple trees last fall and they have taken nicely and are producing great leaves and health this spring and early summer thus far. I have heard that particular maple trees have issues with iron deficiency and was wondering if these Celebration have the same iron issues. What is a good schedule for feeding these trees and with what? If iron is needed, how often and how much for a 2 inch diameter tree?

Larimer County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Yes, this cultivar is susceptible to iron chlorosis, but it may or may not get it in your landscape based on your soil type, watering, salt levels, etc. There are many factors. If the tree seems healthy and has green leaves at this point, iron treatment is not necessary.

Iron chlorosis may develop in future years--if this happens, refer to the publication we have on this issue: http://cmg.colostate.edu/Gardennotes/223.pdf