Asparagus ferns

Asked June 12, 2018, 5:19 PM EDT

we planted asparagus last year in a raised bed and lost it over the winter (ferns grew last summer and we cut them in december). we replanted this year and have had the wettest spring ever. how long should it take to see asparagus ferns? i am trying to determine at which point it will be safe to say that we need to start over....again :(

Carroll County Maryland

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You should be seeing some ferns if you planted crowns in March/April. If the days are warm and nights are cool the crowns should send up shoots within a couple of weeks of planting. Asparagus does not like wet soggy soil. They need good drainage to keep the roots from rotting. You could dig up some of the crowns and inspect the roots. They should be firm and fleshy not soggy, black, and withered.
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