Cattails competition

Asked June 12, 2018, 3:12 PM EDT

I have cattails in my ditch, which I want. However, there is an invasive plant taking over my ditch. My dad said he heard that pulling them up could help them more than hurt them. They look sort of like corn stalks only skinnier and without corn. I tried uploading a picture, but my phone wouldn't cooperate. What do I do to save the cattails?

Genesee County Michigan invasive plants

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Without knowing what plant is it is hard to give you a proper control regimen for the plant. Continually cutting back the plants can be effective. Solarizing the area may also work. Herbicides can work but since you have cattails (which can also be invasive) you would have to have a product listed for use over water. Whatever you decide to do it may take several attemps. Persistence is crucial. In case you are referring to phragmites, check out the following links:

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