Strawberry varieties

Asked June 12, 2018, 11:45 AM EDT

My home garden strawberry bed produced poorly this season but never has done very well. I suspect the variety I started with years ago was not a good choice. Seeing the Larriland strawberry field June 10 I would like to know what variety that is (I've asked them by email) but can you tell me what variety(ies) would do well in Howard County? I live in Dayton and have a full sun garden. Is there a "How to grow Strawberries" reference? Thanks.

Howard County Maryland fruit strawberries plant selection

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You came to the right place!
To get you started, here is our 'Small Fruits' page. From there you can branch out easily through links. It's worth reading through to plan for next year.
Your problems could have been the variety, but success could also be affected by cultural management, soil conditions, etc.
The actual page with suggested varieties for our area are here:


Thanks for the information. The variety I inquired about at Larriland has turned out to be Galletta obtained from Nourse Farms. Now I'm having trouble deciding among so many choices.

A good problem to have. You might want to experiment with more than one variety.