Co-existing with a rabbit!

Asked June 11, 2018, 10:24 PM EDT

I live in outside of Bend OR and have perennial landscape shrubs and flowers. Recently I planted petunias and rabbit(s) devoured them overnight! What might I consider to replace them.....I prefer white flowering plants and red/maroon flowering plants. Deer are an ongoing issue, too, and I sprayed the petunias right away with REPEL which has worked for deer, but the rabbits had a heyday.

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Contact Deschutes County Extension Office at 541-447-6228. Either talk to Amy Jo Detweiler Toni Stephen, or one of the master gardeners. They have a list of plants that are "resistant" to deer and might have a rabbit list. They also have a list of landscape plants that do not take a lot of water. This might be quite challenging! You may need to physically fence them out.

Mylen Bohle
Area Extension Agronomist
Central Oregon
Crook County