Bird mites?

Asked June 11, 2018, 8:48 PM EDT

We had a birds nest in our kitchen vent. We got rid of it and the birds. But have small bugs. They are annoying and get on you. They bite and it’s just annoying. I’m pregnant with my 3rd and have two under 5 please help!!!

Grant County Washington

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Dear Client,

This scenario is a more common experience than you might anticipate. Often when bird nests are removed from households, attics, or garage situations, tiny ad hungry mites will leave the nests in search of new hosts. Fortunately, humans make poor hosts, but that does stop these bird mites from sampling and biting us.

It may take a couple more weeks, but these mites will eventually die off and your discomfort will go away. I know that sometimes the discomfort is so bad that people will contact a pest control specialist who can safely and prudently treat the areas with insecticides. That decision will be yours, but before you make that decision, I would suggest following this link to a WA State University website written specifically for homeowners to help deal with indoor pest problems.

I hope this helps; sorry for your discomfort.