Mummy Berry Control

Asked June 11, 2018, 1:59 PM EDT

I have 2 row of 6 kinds of blackberry bushes...I have had them for 3/4 years now. The last year they did not produce like they were/ Now I have just discovered MUMMY BERRY disease is the culprit. I have read many articles on line about how to treat it. No one has mentioned exact products to use,,,brandwise...can you? I know what i have to do with the soil and all but what are the exact names of products and who makes them. Thank you, Brady---in North Carolina

Davidson County North Carolina

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Mummy berry is a disease of blueberries, not blackberries. If you can confirm you are growing blackberries I can assist is determining what the issue might be and control options. Rather than replying through this platform, would you mind corresponding via email? You can reply to Thanks!