Pears with orange powder

Asked June 11, 2018, 11:54 AM EDT

My established pear tree is showing an abundant crop this year. A small portion of the baby pears have a flat side that is covered with an orange powdery coat. I expect I will remove the affected fruits, but is this a sign that this tree needs something to keep it strong and healthy? Thank you. Liz

Lane County Oregon

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Would you be able to send me some pictures? I would like to see an image of the whole tree, branch with affected pears, and close ups of the pears showing the coating you describe.


I have attached three photos. The limit. I’d appreciate any on-site you can share.

Thank tou. Liz

This looks to me like pear rust.

If this is pear rust there will likely be a host plant somewhere near you. Typically a conifer.
I am including a link to PNW article about pear rust at the end of this message for your information, but I would like you to take a sample, along with your images, to your local extension office. The Master Gardeners there will be able help you with a more positive identification. Here is link with location and contact information.