tomato early leaf alternaria

Asked June 11, 2018, 11:35 AM EDT

I have the early leaf blight on my tomatoes already ...I know I shouldn't have planted them in the same soil as last year but is there anything I can treat it with now?

Montgomery County Maryland

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It is quite possible that you have the beginnings of early blight. It is super common in our area, especially in wet seasons.
There are multiple suggestions for management. Here is a page which discusses this: Once the plants are established some people remove most of the bottom leaves to slow the progression down. There is no flat out cure once it has begun, but it can often be managed. Lay a mulch of shredded leaves, dried grass clippings, or newspaper covered with straw under plants. Pick fruits regularly and quickly remove infected fruits. Avoid contact between soil and fruit. Avoid overhead watering during humid, cloudy weather. Remove all plant residue at the end of the growing season. Infected reside can be composted at sustained high temperatures- greater than 120° F. Otherwise, residues should be bagged up and discarded as garbage.