Water / algae testing

Asked June 10, 2018, 5:02 PM EDT

We have a house on a lake and have new algae/sludge on the shoreline in front of several houses. Can you suggest where we can get this tested?

Montmorency County Michigan

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Thank you for contacting eXtension with your algae question. The presence of algae is not an indication that the water quality is bad. Algae is a natural part of all open water systems. However, when there is too much of it the first question you must ask is what is feeding it? Algae grows fastest when there is a lot of phosphorous going into the lake or pond. Algae blooms in the spring and fall are normal too when the temperature changes cause the water to "turn over" bringing nutrients from the bottom. this time of year though is an indication of excessive nutrients entering the lake.
Are everyone's septic tanks in good working order? Did someone fertilize their lawns recently? The closest lake water testing lab to your county is the Great Lakes Water Quality Lab at 6461 Sunset Dr, Lake Ann, MI 49650;(231) 275-7382 . I encourage you can search for lake water testing labs in your internet browser for more.